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E-Mails received:

I began bringing my 6-week old infant to Destiny after several weeks of unrelenting colic, reflux, and overall digestive discomfort. Destiny took the time to really listen to our history and concerns, and she created a calm and comfortable atmosphere from the moment we walked in the door. She explained each movement and technique, and the whole process was extremely gentle yet very quick. Within 24 hours we noticed a significant improvement in our infant’s colic symptoms, and within three visits he was symptom-free. Our evenings are no longer filled with crying and soothing, and his sleep has improved as well. I find Destiny to be an extremely attentive, compassionate, and knowledgeable practitioner and I would absolutely recommend her to any parents struggling with colic or other digestive issues with their infants.


I came to Destiny Moon and Balanced Bowenwork because I was experiencing pain from old scar tissue. I had an abdominal surgery 10 years prior and a few of the dissolvable stitches in the superficial layers of skin did not fully dissolve creating keloid scars. The raised, bumpy scar tissue would rub against my clothing and a cause a sharp, sudden pain that would stop me in my tracks and keel over in pain. Upon visiting my regular doctor, it was recommended that I see a plastic surgeon to remove some of the old scar tissue…but that the side effect may be more, fresh scar tissue. I was getting desperate and the daily pain was getting worse. Destiny mentioned she had a protocol for scar tissue, so we set an appointment and I hoped for the best. Remarkably, after only one session, and a year later, I am without pain.I am so grateful for Destiny’s expertise and for effectively treating me. Bowenwork alleviated my pain entirely and saved me from an invasive and expensive surgery.

M. R. 

Destiny: I think I love you! I am feeling so much better this morning, thank you so much. I know I might go back and forth but this has given me some hope of feeling well again. Gail C.

Destiny: I just wanted to say thank you. My ankle was healed in just a little over 6 weeks, and the cast is off. The doctor was impressed, he couldn't see any lines of where the break was on the x-ray. He moved my ankle without pain. I know that I wouldn't have healed so fast without your work!

I had physical therapy yesterday and they were impressed with all that I could do (range of motion and strength). I am on crutches walking with 50% weight bearing on the ankle until Saturday then as much as I can stand. I have 4 weeks of physical therapy. I made it my goal (I committed to it months ago) to make it to a charity golf tournament next Thursday in Sacramento. I hope to walk and drive to the airport so I don't let anybody down. I know it will be scary but I know I can do it. As soon I can drive I will be down to see you for my treatment. Thank you again. I know my results would not have been this great without bowenwork. The fact you cared so much, and went way beyond the expected too, helped get me through this. It will never be forgotten! Thank you again! Michelle A.

(Michelle was in a motorcycle accident when she broke her ankle and suffered some other bruising/strain injuries as well. She was in a cast when she received treatment over several weeks. Her shoulder improved 100% following the 1st session. The doctor told her if she stayed off her ankle completely she could avoid surgery. They would have a new x-ray after 6 weeks and, would either operate or, re-cast. Michelle was diligent in her self-care. Following her new x-ray she was told she not only did not need surgery but, was completely healed, and took her cast off! She did in fact attend the tournament in Sacramento, and drove herself. She walks with no pain.)

Letters written:

Dear Destiny, Thanks for everything! I don't think I've ever woke up, laid there, and said to myself, I feel really great! Thanks Again, VW

Destiny Moon treated me over 5 years ago for back and neck trauma related to a rear-end collision that totaled the vehicle. After attempting physical, chiropractic and acupuncture therapies I received Bowenwork therapy and my pain disappeared. Destiny also relieved my wife of migraines in only two sessions! I've recommended Destiny to many friends over the years, and those who listened have also experienced the healing benefits. I like to call Destiny my Voodoo Princess.

Scott S.

As a competitive bodybuilder, I’ve suffered many injuries and Destinys Bowenwork has enabled me to continue training and avoid surgery and/or cortisone shots. My healing was quick and painless.

Eileen T.

I am so pleased to have found Destiny Moon and

Bowenwork. My eight year old son struggles with neurological disorders and we have tried numerous therapies with little success. Destiny has helped my little guy to relax for the first time ever. In fact, he says, "I can't wait to go back to her - what she does feels sooooo good!" Thank you Destiny!

Deb P. 

I have had pain, swelling and decreased flexibility in my one ankle for over 9 years. My physician could not find anything wrong but I continued to have pain whenever I stood for any length of time or walked for more than a mile. After 4 treatments with Destiny, I have almost total range of motion in my ankle. The swelling disappeared after my second treatment and I am currently walking several times a week for at least a mile with no pain. It is wonderful to be able to be active again.

Tim M.

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